Samsung - 48K BTU, 5-Port, FJM Multi-Zone Heat Pump

  • Item #: JXH48J5B
  • Manufacturer: JXH48J5B
  • Brand Name: Samsung
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Samsung HVAC continues to deliver on Samsung's legacy of product innovation and engineering excellence to provide the finest variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems on the market today. From the award winning, revolutionary triangular design of the Pearl wall-mounted indoor unit to the industry leading* efficiency and capacity range of the DVM S system air conditioner, Samsung offers a complete range of single-zone and multi-zone VRF systems to satisfy modern day design and construction challenges while still providing the homeowners and building occupants the highest level of personalized control and comfort.

Samsung's Free Joint Multi is the best solution for residential buildings requiring a flexible, efficient and reliable air conditioning system. A single Free Joint Multi outdoor unit can support a variety of up to 5 indoor units with minimal installation space, providing efficient cooling and heating operation in multiple areas.

  • Tonnage 4 Tons
  • SEER 19 SEER
  • Number of Ports 5 Ports
  • Digital Inverter: Fast Cooling, Comfort Cooling. The Free Joint Multi system employs Samsung's Digital Inverter control system, which enhances the efficiency of the outdoor unit. The Digital Inverter system works at maximum capacity at start up, and as soon as the set temperature is reached, it finely adjusts to cope with any changes. This translates to less temperature fluctuation and greater comfort which can be achieved in minutes. Because the outdoor unit's compressor works at a low speed to maintain the desired set temperature, noise levels are at a minimum allowing you to enjoy your FJM system in virtual silence. Samsung digital inverter systems give powerful and quick cooling and heating with minimal energy consumption, reducing waste and ultimately saving you money.
  • Twin BLDC Compressors: The Free Joint Multi outdoor units employ twin BLDC compressors with highly stable moving parts which reduce torque variation by 70% when compared to a conventional single BLDC compressor.
  • Sine Wave Controller: Noise Reduction. All Samsung FJM models are equipped with a Sine Wave Controller. Smoother current waves result in a soft acoustic quality and overall noise reduction
  • Compressor Sound Insulator: The FJM compressor is covered by a double-layered sound insulation material, which absorbs and minimizes the noise it generates during operation
  • Easy Installation: The one button auto addressing solution makes installation easier
  • Low ambient control built in
  • The outdoor unit shall supply power to indoor unit(s) via 14 AWG X 3 power wire.
  • Soft-start to reduce current demand during compressor start
  • Auto-restart after power loss
  • Available maximum current setting option to reduce maximum operating current.
  • Construction: The outdoor unit shall be galvanized steel with a baked on powder coated finish for durability
  • Heat Exchanger: The heat exchanger shall be mechanically bonded fin to copper tube
  • Controls: Control signal shall be a DDC type signal. Interconnect control wire between outdoor and indoor units shall be 16AWG X 2 shielded. Controls shall integrate with a BMS system. The system shall integrate with the Samsung Controls Solution.
  • Refrigerant System: The refrigerant shall be R410A. The compressor shall be hermetically sealed, inverter controlled, Twin BLDC Rotary. Refrigerant flow shall be controlled by separate electronic expansion valves at outdoor unit