Nu-Calgon - Odor Block, Residential XL

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  • Brand Name: Nu-Calgon
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ClenAir HVAC Odor Block is not a perfume mask or cover-up. The unique ClenAir formula molecularly reacts with the airborne odor-causing compounds and eliminates them and other indoor pollutants leaving clean, fresh, air behind. The HVAC Odor Block makes it easy to remove odors and improve the indoor air quality in the entire home or building by treating the air through the HVAC system. Eliminates odors caused by mold, mildew, bacteria, pets, smoke, musty odors, water damage, fire damage, paints, chemicals, animal decay, stale air, garbage areas, sewer gases, skunks and more.

Nu-Calgon Residential HVAC Odor Block XL, 7 to 7.5, Solid/Gel, Fresh, Composition: Ethanol, 348.8 deg F Flash, 0.85 to 0.95 Specific Gravity, White

  • pH Range 7 to 7.5
  • Form Solid/Gel
  • Color White
  • Composition Ethanol
  • Odor/Scent Fresh
  • Specific Gravity 0.85 to 0.95
  • Flash Point 348.8 deg F
  • Eliminates odors and improves indoor air quality
  • Unique self-feeding package installs in air handler or return duct
  • A true odor neutralizer - not an odor mask or cover-up
  • Residential HVAC odor block treats up to 3 ton systems for 2 months
  • Residential HVAC odor block XL treats 2500 square feet for 6 months
  • Commercial HVAC odor block treats 10 to 15 ton systems for 4 months
  • Residential HVAC odor block treats up to 3 ton systems for 2 months and the XL will treat up to 2500 square feet for 6 months