Nu-Calgon - Refrigerant Leak Sealant,EasySeal, 2 to 10 Tons

  • Item #: 4050-08
  • Manufacturer: 4050-08
  • Brand Name: Nu-Calgon
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EasySeal Direct Inject is a new generation of sealants. Its innovative injection method makes it easier to install than other sealants. With this new injection system, pumping down the unit is a thing of the past. EasySeal Direct Inject works with all refrigerants and oils. Concentrated formula means less material in system. It is perfect for split systems, heat pumps, micro-channel coils, packaged units, and mini splits. EasySeal Direct Inject is formulated to not plug cap tubes or expansion valves.

Nu-Calgon EasySeal® Refrigerant Leak Sealant, Direct Inject, Composition: Triethoxy(Vinyl) Silane, Ethanol, Toluene, Liquid, Slight Green, Alcohol to Toluene, 100 deg F Flash, Flammability: 2

  • Type Direct Inject - Refrigerant Leak Sealant
  • Series 4050
  • Container Type Direct Inject
  • Composition Triethoxy(Vinyl) Silane, Ethanol, Toluene
  • Form Liquid
  • Treats 1.5 to 5 tons
  • Clear tube so you can see the sealant go in
  • No need to pump down R-410A units
  • No injection hose or caulk gun needed
  • One time use
  • Fast and easy to install
  • Permanent seal
  • Would not clog expansion valves or cap tubes
  • Multiple units can be used on larger equipment
  • 143.6 deg F initial boiling point
  • For use with all refrigerants and oils