Honeywell - Fresh Air Ventilation System, 50 - 160 cfm, 24 Vac

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  • Brand Name: Honeywell
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Honeywell, Fresh Air Ventilation System, Intake Duct, -20 to +160 °F Temperature, 24V Transformer;Damper/Actuator;Mounting Hardware for Control;Homeowner Information Label Included, 4-3/16 in L x 1-1/4 in W x 5-3/4 in H Today‚Äôs homes are built tight for energy efficiency,but that same tightness can also restrict the intake of fresh air and trap dust, allergens and more.The average person spends 9% of his or her time indoors, breathing in stale air. In fact, poor indoor air quality ranks among the top five environmental risks to public health. Honeywell offers whole-house ventilation, for bringing fresh air into your home while still helping you maintain energy efficiency.

  • Designed to help meet local ventilation codes and standards, including ASHRAE 62.2-21 standard, Ventilation and Acceptable Indoor Air Quality in Low-Rise Residential Buildings
  • Smart Control optimizes air delivery by syncing ventilation calls with heating/cooling
  • Easy-to-use input dials allow customized ventilation for each installation
  • Test mode that includes immediate feedback to installer to confirm that air delivery requirements of selected ventilation standard are being met
  • Economical supply-only ventilation;works with forced air system
  • Can be used with other equipment, such as an HRV/ ERV, for balanced ventilation
  • Y815A117 includes W815 Ventilation controller (W815A11), 24V Transformer (AT12B128) and TrueZONE damper/actuator (EARD6TZ)

Standard/Approvals: UL Class 214881

Application: Ventilation System