DiversiTech - DiversiTech Wet Switch® WS-1 Flood Detector, 18/30 VAC, 1.5 W, 50/60 Hz, Import

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  • Brand Name: DiversiTech
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A solid state control designed to help prevent flooding, damage to carpets, walls, furniture, ceilings, etc. Now has a built-in test and reset button for easier installation. Turns system off when detecting moisture due to condensate or drain leaks. One or two drops will cause Wet Switch to turn off a unit, alerting a serviceman to a moisture problem. A lit LED indicates the Wet Switch is activated and has turned the unit off. Reset simply by drying the absorbent pad with a paper towel and pressing the reset switch. Connects to 24 VAC. More than one unit may be connected to a system. 2 amp contact rating. Simple 5 wire installation. Sales displays available.

DiversiTech Wet Switch® Flood Detector, 18/30 VAC, 1.5 W, 50/60 Hz, For Use With: Condensate Drain Pan, Import

  • Voltage Rating 18 to 30 VAC
  • Suitable For Use With Condensate Drain Pan
  • Domestic/Import Import
  • pdfData/Spec Sheet-1 https://www.shearersupply.com//ASSETS/DOCUMENTS/ITEMS/EN/DiversiTech_WS1_Data_Sheet.pdf
  • pdfBrochure https://www.shearersupply.com//ASSETS/DOCUMENTS/ITEMS/EN/DiversiTech_WS_1_Brochure.pdf
  • A high tech polymeric fiber quickly draw water into the sensor array using proven capillary technology
  • Integral feet raise the hydrophilic pay and sensor array off the drain pans slightly to prevent nuisance tripping, and pans corrosion (metals pans only) from interfering with the sensor array
  • A high tech array of multiple stainless steel sensor detects even a minimal amounts of water drawn into the hydrophilic pay
  • The technology is packed into a 3-5/8 in dia be 1-1/4 in high cylinder, furnished complete with 5-conductor 22 AWG stranded cable, 6 ft long
  • Proven electronics prevent mechanical failure in an aggressive operating environment
  • Allow for the wiring to interrupt the system and sound an alarm (be others) when moisture is detected
  • Multiple units connectivity allow for multiple wet Switch® flood detectors to be connected in series to adequately cover large drain pans area