DiversiTech - Condenser Pad, 45 in x 58 in x 3 in, Light Weight Concrete, UltraLite

  • Item #: UL-4558X3
  • Manufacturer: U-4558X3
  • Brand Name: DiversiTech
  • Min. Order Qty: 1
  • Qty. Interval: 1
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Where local codes supersede the International code and require a pad thicker than 2'' - 3'' UltraLite® is the solution

  • Series U
  • Type Equipment Pad
  • Suitable For Use With Air-Conditioning Compressor;Condensing Unit
  • Specifications Pad Weight:93 lbs
  • Color Gray
  • Material Expanded Polystyrene Foam
  • Dimensions 45 in L x 58 in W x 3 in D
  • Domestic/Import Domestic
  • Warranty Limited Lifetime
  • Lightweight:Since UltraLite® is a lightweight product, it is easy for handling tasks on site. It is one of the lightest equipment mounting products available today
  • Tested to Strict Standards:The Ultralite® pad performs extraordinarily well under strict testing criteria. It does not craze, soften, or delaminate. Ultralite® has a proven resistance against R-22 and R-134a, compressor oil, salt solution, and synthetic canine urine
  • Durable:The Ultralite® lightweight concrete pad is specifically engineered to have long-term exterior weather resistance
  • Textured Surface:Prevents equipment sliding
  • Multiple Sizes:Match any equipment size
  • Time and Labour Saving:Time is money, and hence any time savings on site translates into money saved. The UltraLite® lightweight concrete pad literally installs in seconds while providing a solid foundation for the condensing unit
  • Vibration Absorbing:The engineered polystyrene core in the UltraLite® lightweight concrete pad absorbs and dampens vibration associated with normal operation of a condensing unit
  • Freeze and Thaw Resistant:Water vapor evaporates through the UltraLite®, preventing the expansion of cracks
  • Flame Resistant:The UltraLite® is resistant to heating caused by the compressor. Additionally, the surface is resistant to heat from incidental torch flame during site installation
  • Outside Storage:Since the UltraLite® is designed for life outdoors, it is suitable for outside storage prior to the site installation

Standard/Approvals: ASTM C67