DiversiTech - Concentric Vents, 3 in

  • Item #: CVENT-3
  • Manufacturer: CVENT-3
  • Brand Name: DiversiTech
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Concentric vents make it easier to have a two-pipe installation for high efficiency furnaces. These vents simplify installation and only require one hole through the wall or roof where the pipes terminate. Without using these vents, the installation would require cutting two holes through the home, one for each pipe. These vents save time and money by reducing the amount of work required. Available in 2in, 3in or 4in intake vent sizes.

DiversiTech Concentric Vent, For Use With: 3 in Intake/Vent Systems, 4-1/2 in OD Intake Pipe, 24 in Air Inlet Pipe, 39-1/8 in OAL, Import

  • Suitable For Use With 3 in Intake/Vent Systems
  • Specifications 4-1/2 in OD Intake Pipe, 24 in Air Inlet Pipe
  • Domestic/Import Import
  • Dimensions 39-1/8 in OAL
  • Includes (1) Combustion Air Inlet Cap, (1) Air Inlet Pipe, (1) Vent Pipe, (1) Intake/Vent Concentric "Y" and (1) Installation Instructions on Box
  • pdfBrochure https://www.shearersupply.com//ASSETS/DOCUMENTS/ITEMS/EN/DiversiTech_CVENT_3_Brochure.pdf
  • Note: the concentric vent reduces the allowable intake/vent piping length by 5 ft from that listed in the basic furnace installation instructions