DiversiTech - Condenser Pad, 45 in x 58 in x 3 in, Heavy Steel Wire reinforced Concrete, Cladlite

  • Item #: 4558
  • Manufacturer: 4558-3
  • Brand Name: DiversiTech
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Used where local codes supersede the International code and require a pad thicker than 2''

  • Type Equipment Pad
  • Suitable For Use With Condenser
  • Specifications Weight:203 lbs
  • Color Gray
  • Material Concrete/Foam
  • Dimensions 45 in L x 58 in W x 3 in T
  • Warranty Limited Lifetime
  • Multiple Sizes:CladLite® pads are available in both 2" and 3" heights to accommodate various installations. There are more than 50 different size CladLite® pads available to match almost any equipment size
  • Steel reinforced:CladLite® pads use steel reinforcements throughout the pad to add strength and durability to the pad
  • Lighter Than Solid Concrete:CladLite® equipment pads are 80% lighter than solid concrete for easier installation and handling while still providing a sturdy, reliable equipment base
  • Durable concrete:CladLite® pads are made from durable concrete which is highly valued by home-owners and provides excellent durability even in extreme outdoor conditions. CladLite® pads stay in place and last for years. Sun, rain, and exposure will not affect CladLite® pads. They're made tough to withstand the elements and provide a sturdy base for your equipment
  • Tested to Strict Standards:The CladLite® pad performs extraordinarily well under strict testing criteria. It does not craze, soften, or delaminate. CladLite® has a proven resistance against R-22 and R-134a, compressor oil, salt solution, and synthetic canine urine

Standard/Approvals: ASTM D2299