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Indoor air quality (IAQ) is a term that is used to describe the quality of the air within a space specifically in relation to health. The quality of air can vary significantly, even in homes in a shared neighborhood or rooms in a shared building. There are many factors that determine and influence the quality of the air.

Some considerations for indoor air quality come down to the feeling of the air itself. Temperature and humidity can play a role in IAQ, especially if they are severe enough to cause additional or unexpected problems. These problems can apply to both the property and the people within it.

In addition to the comfort that the air quality provides, there are several health considerations at play. Ventilation can play a large role in the quality of air, often influencing other air quality factors. Mold, viruses, chemicals, and other dangerous factors can all influence an air supply.

HVAC IAQ, in particular, focuses on the use of systems that blend directly with HVAC systems. These systems offer filtration right at the source, increasing the air quality of an entire space on a much larger level. An HVAC system with added IAQ technology can have a significant positive impact.