Honeywell - 1/2", 1-Stage Direct Universal Standing Pilot Gas Valve, 3.5" WC (24V)

  • Item #: VR8215S1503
  • Manufacturer: VR8215S1503
  • Brand Name: Honeywell
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The VR8215S,T Direct Ignition Combination Gas Controls are used in gas-fired appliances with up to 150 ft3/hr capacity at 1 in. wc pressure drop on natural gas. They have been optimized for direct ignition applications and include a switch and a pressure regulator.

The VR8215 Direct Ignition Gas Valves replace nearly all standard and slow-opening VR8205 and VR8215 controls. The VR8215 valve can be mounted in any orientation and the reduced installation turning radius makes it much easier to install. With the quiet operation, smaller size and ease of installation, the VR8215 gas valve is a great fit for tight and open applications.

  • Type 1 Stage
  • Pressure Rating 3.5 in. wc (psi), or 0.87 kPa
  • Dimensions 1/2 in