Ameristar™ - 5 Ton Gas Packaged Unit

  • Item #: M4PG4060A1090A
  • Manufacturer: M4PG4060A1090A
  • Brand Name: Ameristar™
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A Package Gas Electric Unit is a fully self-contained, combination gas heating/electric cooling unit designed for outdoor installation. All unit sizes have return and discharge openings for both horizontal and downflow configurations, and are factory shipped with all downflow duct openings covered. Units may be installed either on a rooftop or on a cement slab.

In gas heating mode, this unit is designed for a minimum continuous return-air temperature and a maximum continuous return-air temperature. Failure to follow these return-air temperature limits may affect reliability of heat exchangers, motors, and other components. This booklet contains the installation and operating instructions for your Package Gas Electric Unit. There are some precautions that should be taken to derive maximum satisfaction from it. Improper installation can result in unsatisfactory operation or dangerous conditions. Read this booklet and any instructions packaged with separate equipment required to make up the system prior to installation. Give this booklet to the owner and explain its provisions. The owner should retain this booklet for future reference. A Package Gas Electric Unit includes a hermetically-sealed refrigerating system consisting of a compressor, condenser coil, Evaporator coil with thermal expansion valve (TXV) or throttle valve, a circulation air blower, a condenser fan, a heat exchanger assembly, gas burner and control assembly, combustion air motor and fan, and all necessary internal electrical wiring. The cooling system of these units is factory-evacuated, charged and performance tested. All units are factory charged with Refrigerant R410A.

  • SEER Rating 14
  • Tonnage 5 Tons
  • Cooling Capacity 58,860 Btu/hr (Gross);57,000 Btu/hr (ARI) Btu/hr
  • EER Rating 11
  • Refrigerant Type R-410A
  • Drive Type Direct
  • Type Package Gas Electric Unit
  • Flow Rate 1,750;3,680 (Condenser Fan)
  • Voltage Rating 208 to 230 VAC
  • pdfUser Manual Manual.pdf

Application: Residential