American Standard® - AUD Series 120000 BTU - 80% AFUE - Upflow/Horizontal/Left/Right - Variable Speed - 5 Ton 2 Stage - Gold Series Furnace

  • Item #: AUD2D120A9V5VB
  • Manufacturer: AUD2D120A9V5VB
  • Brand Name: American Standard®
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The AUD2D120A9V5VB is an American Standard® gas furnace designed to provide reliable and efficient heating for residential spaces. With a heating capacity of 120,000 BTU, it ensures optimal warmth even in larger areas. Operating on natural gas, it offers energy-efficient performance while adhering to modern environmental standards. Its durable construction and advanced technology ensure long-lasting operation and reliable comfort control. With a compact design and quiet operation, it's an excellent choice for effective and comfortable heating in any home. The AUD2D120A9V5VB offers both reliability and energy savings for your heating needs.

  • AFUE Rating 80
  • Fuse Size 24
  • Material Galvanized Steel
  • Series Gold 80v
  • Warranty 20 Year (Heat Exchanger);10 Year (Internal Functional Parts)
  • Variable speed gas furnace reduces temperature swings and may help lower your heating bills* with two-stage heating, running at an energy-saving 65-percent capacity more than 80 percent of the time
  • 80 AFUE, meaning this furnace converts up to 80 percent of the fuel you pay for into heat for your home
  • This quiet gas furnace evenly distributes warm air to every room with its variable-speed fan motor
  • In the summer, Comfort-R™ helps keep your home cooler by reducing indoor humidity
  • Significantly surpasses government efficiency standards, helping you save on your energy bills while reducing greenhouse emissions

Application: Residential