What is Local Presence Management (LPM)?

Online local listings – name, address, phone number, opening hours – are critical to any local marketing initiative. In fact, having a visible, accurate and up-to-date local presence on Google, Apple Maps and other major platforms is the key to reaching the right customers at the right time. You can manage this data yourself, but it's an ongoing process that takes a lot of time, effort and expertise.

Using DAC Group’s Local Presence Management (LPM) program, you don’t have to worry about the trouble that goes into managing your listings. DAC Group aims to provide your business with a local presence-related to your services by actively managing your listings across local vendors.

Our Solution

LPM ensures the visibility and accuracy of your local business information across various direct vendors(i.e. Google, Bing, Apple Maps) and core data providers (i.e. Infogroup, Acxiom). Core data providers will help distribute your business information to a number of other directory sites and social platforms. DAC Group uses our local search expertise & tools to actively check & update your listing information across the local search websites that matter most.

What does this program do for you?

DAC Group’s Local Presence Management (LPM) program is best in class, and it is specifically designed to help local businesses succeed in local search. Some of the advantages are:

  • Helps generate additional leads by getting you improved local ranking.
  • Helps ensure visibility & accuracy across top local search websites.
  • Gives dealers more freedom to focus on their own business.
  • DAC Group standardizes dealers’ data to have a consistent, and clean, representation throughout the local ecosystem.
  • Gives dealers access to the very robust reporting dashboard.
What makes this program so valuable?
  • The value for a dealer to do this on their own is very expensive & time consuming. Estimated costs would be well over $1,200 for a dealer to do this alone.
  • This program is fully funded by American Standard for all Customer Care dealers.
  • Customer Care dealers will be automatically opted into the LPM program. If you don’t wish to participate, please opt out in your MAX Dealer Locator profile(Details for non-Customer Care dealers are below).
Features and Benefits
  • Centralized dashboard
  • User friendly
  • Real-time reporting
  • Highly customizable and scalable
  • Location-by-location and aggregate views
How does DAC Group’s LPM program differ from other online listing programs?

DAC Group’s Local Presence Management (LPM) program is best in class and specifically designed to help local businesses succeed in local search. Some of the benefits that set DAC Group apart from other online listings vendors are the following:

  • Standardization & submission of dealer location data to Search engines, directory websites, voice search consoles, and other top tiered websites
  • DAC Group double-check the location data to ensure all business information is properly display. This active management gives DAC Group a competitive differentiation to the other online listing program providers.
  • DAC Group is uniquely positioned in the market place as an agency with technology. This allows DAC Group to offer centralized reporting tools that give the dealers access to an industry leading dashboard called TransparenSEETM.
How can dealers take advantage of review monitoring?

Through DAC Group’s dashboard, TransparenSEE™, all dealers will have centralized access to all of their reviews from a number of sites like Google, Bing, YP.com, etc. There are numerous advantages of having access to this level of reporting, some of which include:

  • Review monitoring across numerous review sites, all in one place.
  • Customizable notifications for different star ratings to be sent however frequent is convenient for you.
  • Responding to reviews directly from the dashboard, which again makes overall management even easier.

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