Letter from the President



Shearer Supply's commitment to exceedingly great service began with founder Wayne Shearer in 1983. Since 2005, this same commitment has been led by current President, Michelle Shearer-Rodriguez. The legacy will continue into the future under the leadership of Alex Rodriguez as the third generation.

Shearer Supply family with Founder Wayne Shearer (centered), and his wife Dorothy.


Shearer Supply is committed to the digital world through marketing and brand awareness, through our communication with you and through our evolving ecommerce.

As our industry and the world is consumed with finding the best digital answers and Connectivity, the one thing that hasn't changed is a fundamental human need - the need for connecting with other humans.

While we at Shearer Supply engage in bringing you technology, we are also adding branches in market areas to serve you and your company with our personal best.

We still believe at Shearer Supply in the authentic relationship between distributor and dealer and believe that relationship cannot be replicated or replaced by computer-generated communications alone.

The world is changing fast and we are moving accordingly to remain relevant in this industry and to you and your business.

Impressions are how the digital world rates success, but at Shearer Supply we want you to be impressed by our People, our Products and our Programs.

Our success is measured by yours and that formula of success is achieved by remembering what brought us here and what makes us relevant today.

Warm Regards,
Michelle Shearer-Rodriguez, President