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 There is never a dumb question, but there are questions that are frequently asked...we've listed some of these questions below and hope this helps in doing business...easily, with Shearer Supply.

Account and eCommerce FAQ's

How do I get access to Shearersupply.com?

[email protected]

How do I reset my Shearersupply.com password?

[email protected]

How do I get copies of invoices & statements?

invoicecentral.comor[email protected]

American Standard FAQ's

Who do I call with tech questions?


How do I register American Standard equipment?

Americanstandardair.com< owner support < warranty registration

How do I look up a registration?

Americanstandardair.com< owner support < warranty registration (use home owner's last name & serial number)

How do I register Ameristar equipment?

ameristarac.com< owner support < warranty registration

What if my serial number is not valid when I register?

Email [email protected] the sticker or picture of the serial plate so it can be loaded. Could take up to two weeks.

What if I need to delete or change a registration?

Email [email protected]

Questions about registration?

Email [email protected]

What if my claim is rejected for the PCC rebate program?

Contact Kelley Pledger at [email protected]

How do I access American Standard online courses?

https://mylearning.ingersollrand.com< Enter ASDealernet User Name < Password welcome (once logged in you can change password by clicking on your name and choosing set password)

How does a dealer order American Standard literature?

Asdealernet.com< Marketing Center < Order Marketing Materials < Enter pub # or description in search field

Marketing FAQ's

How do I sign up for Customer Care?

Asdealernet < Marketing Center < Customer Care Dealer Program < Manage Enrollment

What % of co-op can I receive on my advertising?

shearersupply.com< Dealer Resources < American Standard Dealer

When will the Wayne E Shearer scholarship application be available on Shearer's website?

Application will be available April 1; deadline is May 31. Find the application under Dealer Resources

How do I sign up for Text Messages to get weekly specials?

Email [email protected] your mobile phone number

How do I sign up to receive E-News about upcoming training classes, product updates and promotions?

Email [email protected]

How do I request a dealer login for shearersupply.com?

Email [email protected]

What is Shearer Supply's Facebook URL?


Where do I find videos on YouTube about American Standard?

YouTube < American Standard HVAC

How do I sign up for a training class that Shearer Supply is offering?

ShearerSupply.com< Dealer Resources < Training

I would like to go to Tyler Texas for the American Standard Factory Tour, how do I sign up?

Let your Territory Manager know you would like to attend. Tours take place in the spring and in the fall.

If I refer a dealer to Shearer Supply, do I receive any compensation?

You will receive a $1,000 co-op credit. Go to shearersupply.com< Dealer Resources.

What kind of philanthropy is Shearer Supply involved in?

Spokes for Kids is a bike drive we do at all of our branches before Christmas. We give the bikes to a local charity. We also participate in Home for the Troops in which we supply air conditioning units and our dealer donates his labor to a home of an injured veteran.

As a Customer Care dealer, how can I spend my marketing allowance?

For ideas, go to asdealernet < Marketing Center < Order Marketing Material < top LH corner, find Customer Care dealers< Marketing Allowance. It will list the items you can get for free. You will need to have your promotion code before checkout.

Does American Standard have annual promotions that we can participate in?

Americanstandardair.com Spring and Fall promotions which usually offer a rebate and 0% financing for 72 months

What does my website have to have in order to receive co-op?

The American Standard logo above the fold (no scrolling to the bottom to see logo) and your homepage must feature American Standard exclusively. Shearer can only co-op the design of the website, not the monthly maintenance fee.

How can you help me with digital advertising?

Contact [email protected]

Do you have a Direct Mail program?

Asdealernet < Marketing Center < MAX < Advertising Material < Direct Mail. You can either supply your contact list, purchase a mailing list or purchase a neighborhood marketing list.

What is Local Presence Management?

Customer Care benefit that merges local and online presence to positively affect a business's presence in search engines. Asdealernet.com < Marketing Center < Info Center.

Do you have customized brochures that my technicians can use at a kitchen table presentation?

Refer to our Dealer Guide or email [email protected]for prices and samples. American Standard also has customized brochures on asdealernet < Marketing Center. Both brochures feature Best, Better, Good layout of Air Conditioners, Furnaces, Packaged Units, Heat Pumps and Air Handlers

Do you have someone that can help me design or rebuild my website?

[email protected]; [email protected]

Where can I get American Standard t-shirts for my technicians to wear so we all are uniform?

Each Shearer Supply branch sells long sleeve AS t-shirts for $7 and short sleeve t-shirts for $5.

What does my vehicle wrap have to include in order to get coop from Shearer Supply?

American Standard logo on 3 sides of vehicle and one side has to have piece of equipment

Where can I find American Standard's TV/radio commercials, print ads and videos?

Asdealenet < Marketing Center < MAX < Advertising Material< Info Center

Will you provide a piece of equipment at a home show for display?

Ask your Shearer Supply Branch Manager for availability.

Is Yellow Pages co-opable?

In 2018, listings and display ads in Yellow Page books will no longer be co-opable

Where can I purchase American Standard residential and commercial literature?

Asdealernet < Marketing Center < Order Marketing Material < Top RH corner, type in Residential or Commercial

How and when do I submit my advertising for co-op?

Submit invoices within 30 days to [email protected]. When applicable, include tear sheets, notarized scripts, url's, photos, schedule of commercials.

Why should I be a Customer Care dealer?

Verizon, Ford, GM and Dodge discounts; 1.0% discount on consumer financing credit special terms; additional promotional periods on consumer promotions; Product Exchange within first 60 days after installment; website linked from Dealer Locator; Local Presence Management manages listings on Google, Yahoo and many other sites.

What is asdealernet and how can I get a user name and password?

The American Standard website that has Product, Warranty Information; Advertising Material, Programs such as Customer Care, ASIST, Wells Fargo, Tech Support, Marketing Materials.

Has American Standard won any awards for reliability and durability?

Awards from 2001 to 2016. Go to asdealernet < Marketing Center < Order Marketing Material< Flyer: Award Winning Excellence to order copies of flyer.

If I sell Nexia, offer Financing, or Nate certified, how can I update that information?

Go to asdealernet.com< MAX < Dealer Locator

Can I be included on Dealer Locator?

Talk to your Territory Manager.