Commercial Financing



WHO qualifies for financing?

Any commercial entity may apply for financing.

WHAT can be financed?

Ingersoll Rand brands including American Standard and Ingersoll Rand. However, installation and complementary products and services related to your Ingersoll Rand project or purchase can be financed.

WHAT is the financing secured by?

It is secured by the equipment that you finance/purchase in most cases.

WHAT is the minimum transaction?

Typically, we can finance as low as $5,000. However, this is determined on a case-by-case basis.

CAN WE do structured finance?

Yes, Ingersoll Rand can structure financing to fit most needs.

DOES monthly payments include tax?

Payment quoted will not include applicable taxes. Tax will be added to your payment on a monthly basis according to your state laws.

IS money due up front?

Generally, no. However documentation fees and advance payments may apply.

WILL payments change?

The monthly payments are fixed for the term unless a special payment structure is pre-arranged.

IS insurance needed?

Yes, you are responsible for insuring the equipment. Usually, covering financed equipment does not increase insurance premiums on an existing property insurance policy.

WHAT happens at the end of the term?

Under the financing (typically a capital lease) the equipment is purchased for $1 after all payments are made. Other types of financing are available upon request.