Unwavering build and quality at an economical price point. Introducing Shearer Supply’s budget-friendly equipment line.

Built in Tyler, Texas, Ameristar units are fitted with much of the same components as American Standard, offering reliable, total-home comfort at a more affordable price.

Ameristar Condensers

Ameristar's condenser line offers units with up to 16 SEER efficiency ratings and come with all-aluminium spine-fine coils, scroll compressors, and factory-painted steel cabinets and base pans.Shop Condensers

Ameristar Heat Pumps

For your customers seeking an electric and budget-friendly unit, Ameristar offers heat pumps in 14 and 16 SEER ratings with 1.5-to-5-ton capacities.Shop Heat Pumps

Ameristar Furnaces

For applications needing gas furnaces, Ameristar gives you 2–5-ton capacity units with AFUE up to 96% and single and variable speed motors.Shop Furnaces