Shearer Supply's commitment to exceedingly great service began with founder Wayne Shearer in 1983. Since 2005, this same commitment has been led by current President, Michelle Shearer-Rodriguez. The legacy will continue into the future under the leadership of Alex Rodriguez as the third generation.

Shearer Supply family with Founder Wayne Shearer (centered), and his wife Dorothy.


Thank you as always for another year of allowing us to be your distributor partner.
Shearer Supply began 36 years ago on a very simple promise, have inventory on hand at a competitive price and offer service and programs that help dealers in their business.
We are going to revitalize that commitment with the initiative I have outlined below. We are going back to what made us successful and that was the promise and the delivery of being your Exceptional partner.
We do not take it lightly the responsibility we have to give you Exceptional Customer Service and that is why in 2019-2020 Shearer Supply has assembled a task force that is responsible for Exceptional Customer Service and will be working on these following initiatives and others…

1. Inventory… Tier 1 Equipment, Supplies and OEM parts inventory will be in        stock at all branches
2. Accuracy… Orders will be double checked and signed off by a member of the branch staff
3. Training… Shearer Supply branch staff will receive more training October through February than we have ever given before because a well-trained employee gives the best Customer Service
4. Delivery… We are working with technology tools that will allow you to track your delivery and we will continue to add trucks for your growing delivery demands.
5. Speed to Service… your calls to the branch, to the commercial hot line or to the FSR department or to anyone at HQ will be answered promptly and you will receive updated status reports if needed
6. Communication… you will see us using texts to update you about your orders

I am asking for your help, if you feel we did not meet our goal of Exceptional Customer Service then I want you to call me personally…this is the only way we can win together!

Warm Regards,
Michelle Shearer-Rodriguez, President